Watch a 5 minute impression of the film "Eastern Stars"
A new movie I made with the collected material from my Recidency in Bucharest
You can find more information about my residency on the page: Boekarest AIR

Collaboration work together with Eva Louren van Gameren.
Short film about a farmer who has to leave his farm and recently sold all his cows.
We filmed him while he was burning all the hay from the empty stable.
Images are combined with nature-shots from the area.
Another version of this video was shown at Kunstspoor Noord-Beveland.
In an interview with a dutch shaman I discussed the value and meaning of 'visions'.
According to the Shaman we enter higher realms of consiousness after we relax our daily mind chatter.
Images that come to us during this states have a special meaning within themselves.
As an experiment I started drawing mental images that came in my mind during relaxing states.
At this page you can watch the currtent state of this ever growing drawing.

Impression Solo-Exhibition Make a Point Romania

Mini-installation at the RE-Rotterdam Art Fair
Deelname Now or never, Gemeentemusem / GEM fotomuseum Den Haag
'Tussen de zalen is een gang, met royaal uitzicht naar buiten. Hier staat Interlokaal, van Lisanne Hoogerwerf. De installatie lijkt ingehouden en stilistisch, maar die eerste indruk verdwijnt snel. Het werk nodigt uit om plaats te nemen op de bank en naar buiten te kijken. Daar staat een caravan, een kunstenaarswoninkje. Het is tijd voor bezinning. De telefoon lijkt puur om artistieke redenen neergezet te zijn. Maar buiten, bij de caravan, hangt het verzoek naar de telefoon te bellen. Hierdoor wordt de wand tussen de buitenwereld en de museumwereld opengebroken. Het is daarom zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk een baanbrekend werk'.
Mister Motley
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5 second smile translated to watercolour


Solo-expositie Moira Utrecht

A videoguide through my solo exhibition in Moira
(feel free to fastforward)
Performance en schilderij tijdens expositie 'Just enough space to turn around' Zet foundation Amstelpark
Exhibition 'Best of Graduates' Gallery Ron Mandos Amsterdam
(The signs on the window are part of my work)
80 photo's with descriptions of are announcing 80 short 'performances'
that visitors of the Ron Mandos Gallery could watch from the window.
During the time that the exhibition was open, about 7 performances could be seen every day.
The performances of that day where placed on the window.
Example of an announcement
(transl. saturday 13 august 2011 at 17.45, In the flat on the other side of the canal, three women with hats come outside on theyre balconies. They water the plants and greet eachother shortly before they go inside again.)
And the happening taking place
In total more then one hundred local inhabitants volunteered in this project.
More info at: this page

Eindexamenwerk Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Den Haag
Watch the videowork I showed during my endexamexhibition
Dit is wat je zag door de verrekijkers
This performance was shown during an exhibitionopening. 
It could be watch from the exhibition space in a building on the other side of the street
My videowork during the exhibition 'The Making of Something' gallery 1646 The Hague
My videowork during the exhibition 'The Making of Something' gallery 1646 The Hague
Performance in Kiasma museum for contemporary Art Helsinki