niet in gebruik Boekarest AIR 2013Boekarest AIR 2013

Announcement for my Exposition in Make a point at the end of my 2 months recidency period in Bucharest:  
Lisanne Hoogerwerf is a young artist from The Netherlands. For two months she has been working as an artist in residence within Bucharest AiR. During this two‐month period, Lisanne Hoogerwerf has been researching the neighbourhood she is currently living in. Through walking, conversations and by visiting different families, she gradually learned about the lifestyle of the people that live in the area of Voluntari on the outskirts of Bucharest. During her encounters, Lisanne Hoogerwerf made short documentary videos. These documentaries show the spontaneous meetings between the camera and the subjects, as well as highlighting complications that arose for a foreign artist trying to gain access to a world that is not her own. At the end of her stay, the artist made a different series of videos in which she responds to the environment and the people from her own experience. Through short fictional scenarios, she shows the same families in a more metaphorical and constructed manner. In Make a Point, Lisanne Hoogerwerf will display both filming styles and approaches. By doing so, she wants to create different angles from which the viewer can see the subject.  

Bucharest AiR is an artist-in-residence project meant to facilitate international artistic production, research and cultural exchange in Romania. ( Make a Point (